Welcome to our foreign visitors

Welkom op dit Polly Pocket forum. Wat leuk dat je ons gevonden hebt. Dit is dé plek om je liefde voor Polly Pocke/ts te delen met andere verzamelaars, vragen te stellen, je favoriete sets of je hele collectie te laten zien en in contact te komen met andere verzamelaars.

Welcome to this Polly Pocket messageboard. Lovely to see you have found us. This free messageboard is meant to show Polly Pocket sets, ask questions, get in contact with other collectors and just have lots of fun talking about these fabulous (Vintage) Toys
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Welcome to our foreign visitors

Bericht door Chantal » 01-11-2014 12:45

We would also very much like to welcome foreign Polly Pocket fans to our message board.
This message board is meant to come in contact with other Polly Pocket fanatics, ask questions, post pictures and just have a great time together.

Some extra information: as you can see there are still very few members signed in. Most of them speak Dutch as their only language so keep that in mind. Having said that, you are more than welcome to post mesages in English or German.
I speak and write a bit of English and I can read and understand some German (Deutsch) but speaking or writing it is a very different story :lol:

As you may have already seen there are summary's made of each year. I did my very best to make them as complete as possible but if there is anything missing: please tell us so we can change the list and add or change things to it.
You are all free to post your pictures or even some (short) youtube video's of Polly Pockets. Please note: this is a message board meant for everyone interested so please: only post pictures appropriate for all ages.

I already posted some pictures of particular sets I own (none of the sets I showed are for sale, so please save yourself the energy and don't ask if I want to sell ;-) ), when you click on them, you'll get to see a larger picture. Press the return button on your keyboard or on your browser to return to the previous page. Not all sets where complete at the time I took pictures, and maybe you would like to see or show more or other pictures of that particular set. Feel free to add a reply and show them, or tell us what you think of the set and how you (used to) play with it. You can also show pictures of a set that isn't shown yet. Just look for the right year and then post a new topic. Please mention the name of the set as "Onderwerp".

The chapter "Polly Pocket Praatje" is meant to talk about all other things regarding Polly Pockets.
If you want to tell about other every day stuff you can do that in "lief en leed".

If there are any questions please ask.

Have a great time and welcome to the Dutch Polly Pocket message board!

Edit: we are still in the process of translating the most important messages to our users. This may take some time.

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